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The Plumbologist is your 24 hour emergency plumber, but when a gas or water emergency arises, here are some first action steps:


What to do if you smell natural gas inside the house?

Minor leaks:

If you suspect there is a small natural gas leak proceeds as follows:
–      Open all doors and windows.

–      If possible, make sure the water heater and appliance gas burners are off and the pilot lights are on.

–      Call The Gas Company, (800) 427-2200 and follow their instructions.

Major Leaks:

If you smell gas, it is important to proceed as follows:
–      Leave the house, evacuating all occupants and pets.

–      Do not try to find the source of the gas leak.

–      Do not try to turn off all gas valves or appliances.

–      Do not use any electrical or mechanical device (including computers).

–      Do not start any vehicle or use a garage door opener.

–      Call The Gas Company, (800) 427-2200 and follow their instructions. Do not enter the house until an employee of The Gas Company, says it is safe.

–      Close the gas valve if the meter and valve are located outside the house.


To shut the water flow into the house, you must go either to the place where the water enters your house or to the water meter.
–      Find the water supply line that goes from the outside to inside the house, or at the water meter find the main water supply line.

–      There are shut off valves both where the water enters your house and at the water meter.

–      To shut off the water to the house and yard, close the valve located BEFORE the water meter, on the water supply side.