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The Plumbologist uses cutting edge technology to assist our customers in viewing, inspecting, finding and precisely locating issues in residential, commercial, and restaurant drain and potable water systems. Our equipment consists of:

–      Micro cameras (used for identifying leaks, drips, cracks in vent pipes in walls through a ½” hole)

–      Compact cameras (Great for going thru small p-traps in restaurant and supermarket floor drain and floor sinks.)

–      Mini cameras (Effective for 2” to 4” residential drain lines)

–      Plus size cameras (Excellent for restaurant and commercial applications that require the ability to view 3” to 10” larger lines and for longer run lengths)

–      The Plumbologist owns all their equipment so there’s never a need to subcontract these services. All of our cameras are equipped with 512 Hz transmitters so they can be easily located, giving their precise location and depth in the pipe or line. Video inspections of sewer lines are an excellent idea prior to purchasing real estate. “Caveat emptor” (Let the buyer beware.)